Grow your team and expand your capabilities with a reliable workforce partner by your side.


Access to additional talent pools and flexible scaling are critical for businesses that want to innovate and succeed with their products. Even if you have a clear project roadmap and a strong core team, extra development capabilities will help you reach your milestones faster.

Partnering with top-tier outsourcing services companies across the globe, SmartTech Premier Outsourcing can help your company augment your development team and boost your project with a very large pool of top-tier experts that are among the very best at their profession. 

Here’s why you should choose us as your strategic outsourcing partner:

  • Partners with large development centres across the globe
  • Top Tier experts that are among the very best at their profession
  • Fast and flexible staff augmentation - scale up or down
  • Seamless team integration at any stage of your project
  • The ability to meet any gap in your skillset
  • Alleviated HR, administration, infrastructure and overhead pains


Access our top-tier outsource service partners vast talent pool

  • A very large pool of top-tier experts across the globe
  • Strong employer brand image

      Quickly expand your team

  • In as little as few days not months

      Get top-tier expertise you need

  • A thorough screening process done by our outsource service partners
  • Centres of Excellence that ensure skills and service quality
  • Experience with multiple technologies

       Hand over HR, administration, and infrastructure setup

  • Modern and comfy offices
  • Ready-to-use and secure infrastructure
  • Increasing team retention and motivation

       Integrate your teams and accelerate

  • Experienced managers supervising team integration

Successful knowledge sharing

Don’t underestimate the importance of knowledge transfer. Unshared knowledge costs money, especially when we are talking about outsourcing projects. Knowledge loss could result in lots of organisational waste when the whole process gets reworked from scratch. 

There are two types of knowledge transfer flows: from a client to the outsourcing service provider, or from a previous outsourcing service provider to a new outsourcing service provider. No matter which case is yours - the knowledge transfer plan stays the same. It all starts with a demo and the investigation and ends with setting up the environments, taking over business-as-usual, and the first successful release.

The successful knowledge transfer in outsourcing is about people, processes, and a product. The outsourcing service provider has to understand what the product does, how it operates, and what people are responsible for specific tasks, to deliver on the client’s expectations. So, SmartTech helps you to choose the right top-tier outsourcing service provider that has a robust knowledge transfer plan. It will make the entire journey smooth and safe. 

Building effective communication

The more effective your communication with your offshore workforce is - the more successful your collaboration will be. But to avoid misunderstandings and unmet expectations from both sides, be ready to create an effective working environment.

There are some ground rules which are vital for fruitful cooperation with offshore workforce. The unification of practices within the team, establishing channels of communication, promoting knowledge transfer among the workforce are some of them

Here are key tools that will help you to communicate with your offshore workforce team efficiently.  


Could be in as little as few days to fill the position

SmartTech partnered with top-tier outsource services all over the globe that have  a Very large amount of Top-Tier experts in their talent pool

SmartTech partnered with top-tier outsource services all over the globe that have  a Very large amount of top-tier candidates in the recruitment database

SmartTech partnered with top-tier outsource services all over the globe that have  a Very high amount of employees retention

Timezone and cultural closeness

It’s vital to build a mutual understanding with your extended team. SmartTech partnered with top-tier outsource services that have  development centres all over the globe.

Clear, timely communication

Your offshore workforce will work as a part of your onsite team, reporting directly to you. SmartTech partnered with top-tier outsource services that put great emphasis on communication and make sure their top-tier experts are fluent in English.

Quick and easy start

You can hire your top-tier outsourced team within days thanks to our top-tier outsourcing service partners talent reserve, proven recruitment capabilities, and a strong employer brand. We will support you in aligning your teams.


A lot of businesses hire offshore workforce to fill the skill gap, boost their capabilities and bring their products to market faster. 

However, there are some crucial aspects you have to pay attention to know that a particular outsourcing service provider is a reliable partner. Here's how SmartTech helps you hire the best offshore workforce team:

Step one: SmartTech researched the top-tier outsourcing services regarding their track record, expertise, and security issues

Step two: establish effective communication with your offshore workforce team and share all the needed information with them  to make sure that you are on the same page;

Step three: scale a team up or down, according to your business needs; 

Step four: deliver a reliable and secure product in cooperation with your offshore workforce.

Step five: Your project Your choice

TEAM AS A SERVICE- Allows you to augment your staff with the skillsets you need to drive projects forward without the expense of hiring permanent employees. Seamlessly integrate top-tier workforce into your in-house team while maintaining ownership of your project. Our top-tier outsourcing service partners carry a company-wide bench so you can ramp up or scale down quickly with proven workforce talent that’s ready to go in as little as few days.

FULLY MANAGE YOUR TEAM- It's your team. You have full visibility and control, without having to worry about increasing your operations overhead (facilities, operations and regulations.) Take the uneasiness of remote working. Your dedicated resource works out of a fully supervised office.

PARTLY MANAGE YOUR TEAM- You can select how involve with managing your team and project you would like our top-tier outsourcing service partner to be. Take the uneasiness out of remote working. Our top-tier outsourcing service partners dedicated resource works from a fully supervised office.

PROJECT-BASED DELIVERY- Tap into the capabilities of a trusted partner and leverage our top-tier outsourcing service partners proven expertise to deliver your project from start to finish — and beyond. 

We'll be happy to help you.

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